VGA 480P Car Camcorder DVR Driving Recorder Digital Video Camera Voice Recorder with 2.4 inch LCD Screen Display, Support 32GB Micro TF Card & Infrared Night Vision Function(Black + Blue)

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  • 1. Brand new and high quality.
    2. 2.4 inch LCD screen display, 640 x 480p resolution.
    3. Large screen can more clearly see the effect of pre-recorded. Ultra wide angle lens perfect combination design vision, more convenient to various occasions a multi-angle, high resolution video shooting.
    4. 1/3 inch built-in low noise high quality sensor, can be in the dark places capture ultra clear picture.
    5. Built-in lithium electricity charge while video function.
    6. Built-in microphone / speaker
    7. Support high capacity Micro TF card up to 32GB (the card is not included).
    8. Car boot video function automatically.
    9. The delay start function, prevent damage of car instantaneous pulse current machine.
    10. The machine before the lens by bracket can rotate 360 degrees before and after, in order to better cooperate with the vehicle traveling data recorder fixed position, and achieve good effect.

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