Universal Auto Car Accessories Car Rims Care Tire Wheel Washing Brush Plastic Handle Vehicle Wheel Cleaning Brush Washing Sponge

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  • Specifications:
    1.Material: Plastic + Sponge
    2.Color: Black + Yellow
    3.Size: 28x5cm

    1.Convenient car cleaning tool, easy to use.
    2.Portability and good clean effect.
    3.Suitable for all types of rubber wheel vehicles, cleaning and maintenance equipment.
    4.Apply to clean the ground, car floor, pedal, for the home made ceramic tile stitching, etc.
    5.It can be used both in the car and at home.
    6.Soft and delicate, leaving no scratch on your items
    7.Made from superfine fiber can be used repeatedly, and it is more durable. It can restore as long as you put it into the water
    8.It can absorb the dust, grease and dirt between the gap until it is washed by water, detergent or soap with good cleaning ability
    9.Good water absorption property
    10.It leaves no water marks after cleaning the dust and grease with its perfect soil-release and lint-free function
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    Carton Size 90cm * 62cm * 90cm / 35.43inch * 24.41inch * 35.43inch
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