T8S Mini Waterproof Smart Realtime Personal GPS Tracking Device GSM Tracker SMS iOS Android APP Sound Monitor SOS Emergency Call Positioning Alarm for Car & Kids & Old People & Pets

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  • 1. It is compact, accurate, discreet and reliable.
    2. Multi-function use, can be used for car/vehicle/kids/old people/pets, etc.
    3. With quad-band GSM connectivity, the GPS tracker works anywhere in the world.
    4. Tracking by real time.
    5. 3 working modes: quick tracking, standard tracking, power saving tracking.
    6. Support tracking by iOS /Android APP and PC network.
    7. Built-in speaker and microphone, voice monitor & SOS emergency call function.
    8. Geo-fence: you can set up a position range, and the device will send message to you when the device is out of this range.
    9. Mini portable design with champagne gold color, easy to carry and beautiful elegant appearance.

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