S60 GPS Locator Vehicle Anti-theft Mini Tracker

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  • 1. Precise positioning, within 5 meters of error. Master vehicle location information anytime, anywhere, using GPS global positioning and BDS, AGPS, WIFI, LBS with positioning.
    2. High efficiency conversion, standby time up to 90 fill.
    3. The built-in permanent magnet steel on the back of the product, the magnetic force is not lost, can withstand the tensile force of 98N to meet the car body attachment requirements and does not fall off.
    4. Support SOS call for help.
    5. When the equipment is accidentally vibrated or removed, an alert will be sent to the mobile phone.
    6. Electronic fence, when the device is online, you can set the security range in the APP. When the device leaves or goes out of range, it will send you an alarm and be assured of control.
    7. Anti-monitoring technology.
    8. Support track query.
    9. Low current reminder, when the device power is lower than 20%, it will send a reminder to the mobile phone to prevent the power supply from being interrupted and delay the information.

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