R9 Car QC Fast Charging QI Standard Wireless Charger Air Vent Bracket for 6-9.6cm Cellphone(Rose Gold)

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  • 1. Easy to operate and easy to install.
    2. When using a 5V output adapter, the wireless charger supports a 5W load. When using an adapter that conforms to the QC3.0 standard, the wireless charger supports a 10W load.
    3. Overvoltage protection: When charging with an adapter that conforms to the QC3.0 standard, the input voltage is raised to about 9V, and overvoltage protection is performed beyond 9.5V.
    4. Overcurrent protection: When charging with an adapter that complies with the QC3.0 standard, the current is adjusted by the current demand fed back from the load device, but over 1.8A will overcurrent protection and the device will be reset.
    5. Over-temperature protection: When charging with this wireless charger, the wireless charger will detect the heating temperature of the load device in the charging state. When the temperature is at the warning line, the wireless charger will adjust the current to make the temperature drop or even break. Electrical protection.
    6. Rated input: DC5V 2A, DC9V 1.67A
    7. Rated frequency: 110-205KHz
    8. Charging distance: <=10mm
    9. Charging efficiency: >=72%
    10.Two wireless charging modes:
    Support QC wireless fast charging equipment / standard charging mode: compatible with all Qi-enabled devices.

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