N11 Mini Realtime GSM GPRS GPS Tracker for Kids / Elderly / Car / Dog(Black)

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  • About The Product
    The product applies the latest intelligent positioning system for six base stations. It is more accurate and also faster than the traditional positioning system for single base station or three base stations; it has adopted Google map V3 which covers the majority of the countries; it is also fitted with the audible alarm which features clear acoustics and long stand-by time, small size, stable performance and convenient installation; it is mainly used for the monitoring, protection and tracking of houses, children, old people, pets, cars and warehouses.

    Warm Prompt
    1. The instructions for the setting of parameters below shall be written in small letter and shall adopt English punctuation marks. For all the instructions, the reply messages will be sent out. If the setting is successful, the message which informs the success of setting will be sent out; and on the contrary, the setting shall be repeated
    2. All the mobile phones are able for the checking of location. Other functions shall be operated with the service center number.
    3. Send out the relevant instructions and the terminal will send you the relevant message.

    1. Please use 2G - GSM network signal good SIM card.
    2. Open caller identification for the terminal's SIM card.
    3. Open GPRS for the terminal's SIM card.
    4. PIN code of the terminal's SIM card is closed.

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