Multifunctional Universal Car Air Vent Mount Phone Holder, For iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC and Other Smartphones(Black)

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  • 1. Brand new and high quality.
    2. Made of imported high quality metal material.
    3. Bring you much convenience and fun.
    4. Easy installation, no need of extra tools, just clip the mount to your steering wheel in a second.
    5. Flexible. It is light and easy to accommodate
    6. Work with all smartphones and GPS devices, can hold devices encased in covers and cases.
    7. Multfuctional. You can use it in lots of ways that provide you conveninent

    One Package Weight 0.24kgs / 0.52lb
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    Carton Weight 8kgs / 17.64lb
    Carton Size 51cm * 42cm * 40cm / 20.08inch * 16.54inch * 15.75inch
    Loading Container 20GP: 311 cartons * 30 pcs = 9330 pcs
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