Men Genuine Leather Cowhide Belt GPS Tracker Device Smart Portable Real-Time Multi-functional Locator

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  • 1. Precise positioning, GPS, Beidou, WIFI, AGPS, LBS base station, positioning error within 5 meters.
    2. Real-time listening, two-way conversation. The device will call back to the set number to achieve real-time listening, and you can hear all conversations within the range.
    3. Mobile phone location and tracking. This feature will display the location of the phone and device separately, enabling real-time tracking and one-click navigation.
    4. Upgrade the intelligent alarm function. When the device has strong vibration, collision and displacement, the device will immediately send an alarm to the mobile APP.
    5. Fence protection, intelligent tracking. When the car or person leaves the set safety fence or enters the danger zone, the mobile app will immediately remind you.
    6. One-click navigation to the target.
    7. Double-sided suede leather, surrounded by no dead ends, solid and flexible.

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