LJFL201-405 Car Universal Alarm 650nm Red Laser Tail Fog Light Lamp

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  • Features
    1. 100% brand new and high quality
    2. High bright and anti-collision.
    3. Low power consumption and ultra long life.
    4. Easy to install, simply to replace, convenient using.
    5. Rain and fog weather turned anti-fog lamp at the rear to form a fan-shaped warning aurarear driving tips to keep safe driving distance!
    6. This is the newest car laser light, it can offer a safety distance between your follow cars in rain and fog weather.
    7. You can adjust the angle of the bulb to adjust the safe distance and avoid the traffic accident.
    8. Cable length: 1.5m
    9. Laser Safety Grade: Class 2B
    10. The Maximum Adjustable Angle: +/-90 degree from top to bottom
    11. Bearing Temperature of 3M Glue: -40~120 degree
    12. Mounting Placement: Above the center of license Operating

    1. It can be more effectively to warn the behind vehicle to avoid traffic accident with too close distance when driving in the rain, fog and sandstorm weather.
    It also provide more eyecatching position warning of the vehicle and steering indication when driving at night .
    2. What's more ,the automobile laser fog light also is beneficial for the novice to make Para auxiliary line when they driving back into the garage.

    1. Tear twiseted fog lights fixed to the tail just above the license plate.
    2. The laser fog cable and connected to the rear fog line.
    3. Open the fog lights,adjust the angle,and tighten the screws.

    1. Do not open the laser irradiation of the eye to adjust the height of the fog.
    2. Do not block the plate mounting location.

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