KH-06 Mini Smart Car Charger GPS Vehicle Tracker, Support Dual USB Output, Built-in Microphone

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  • 1. 2 USB ports, which can be used to charge mobile phones, tablet computers and driving recorders
    2. Built-in GPS chip can accurately track the car's position
    3. Built-in GSM antenna, when unable to obtain GPS, can locate the area where the car is located through LBS
    4. Built-in microphone, can hear the sound in the car in real time
    5. The platform records the trajectory of 3 months, you can look back at the driving record within 3 months
    6. APP can set up an electronic fence, and the setting range will remind.
    7. Platform and APP are free for life, no extra cost.
    8. Input: DC 12-36V, a wide range of applications, cars, trucks and so on.

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