GSM GPRS GPS Positioning Tracker Real Time Positioning SMS APP Tracking Sound Alarm Monitoring for iOS Android(Black)

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  • 1. GSM quad-band frequency for globe use.
    2. Real time tracking location and previous track playback.
    3. Real time tracking location by SMS or computer network.
    4. Support tracking by iOS / Android app and remote control.
    5. Built vibration sensor, the realization of vehicle vibration alarm.
    6. Sound alert function: when the sound around tracker is higher than 60dB for a long time, it would automatically call the phone number that had been set up.
    7. GPS + LBS positioning, accurate tracking.
    8. Sound monitoring: you can monitor sound around this device by phone calling.
    9. Built-in strong magnet inside, can be attached on metal directly, more convenient to use.

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