Glasses Double Clip Car Sunglass Eyeglass Holder

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  • 1. Sunglasses visor clip holder helps you to have your sunglasses always easy to reach. You don't need to remove your glasses from their case anymore. You will never be disturbed by searching for your sunglasses while driving.
    2. You don't put your expensive reading glasses or sunglasses to compartment where you have other things which could scratch them. Sunglasses visor holder save your storage space and securely holds 2 pairs of any type of glasses.
    3. Multi functions: This holder for car could also holds pens, tickets, credit cards and many different things. You can adjust it according to your requirements with 360 degree rotation system. It fits to all type of visors and it's easy to install and remove.
    4. This eyeglass holder for car is made from premium quality material (ABS). non-toxic, tasteless, high temperature resistance, strong toughness, let the car more. environmentally and friendly. Inside part of the clip is made from protective foam which is gentle to your glasses. Modern design will make your car interier more attractive.
    5. The convenient clip attaches to your car or truck sun visor and pops open with the touch of a finger, do not obstruct driver's view.

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