GF07 Mini GPS Tracker Car GSM GPS Tracking Magnetic Real Time Car Locator System Tracking Device 

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  • Specifications:
    1. Appearance size: 3.5cm x 2.0cm x 1.4cm
    2. Charging input: AC 110-220V 50/60Hz
    3. Charging output: DC 5.0V 300-500mA
    4. Machine battery: 3.7V 400mAh Li-ion battery
    5. Standby time: 12 days
    6. Working time 4-6 days
    7. Expansion card: support mini TF card
    8. Continuous call time: 150-180 minutes
    9. Network standard: GSM/GPRS
    10. Storage temperature: -40 to +85 degree Celsius
    11. Operating temperature: -20 to +55 degree Celsius
    12. Humidity range: 5%-95% non-condensing
    13. GPRS: Upload60, TCP/IP
    14. Working voltage: 3.4-4.2V DC
    15. Standby current: about 2.5mA
    16. Turn on voice control current: about 30mA
    17. Call current: about 150mA
    18. GSM positioning time: 25 seconds
    19. Frequency band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    20. Supported countries: China, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Hungary, Thailand, Greece, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Pakistan, Iraq, Saudi, Arabia, United States, Kazakhstan, Outer Mongolia, Dubai, etc.
    Special warnings: When the tracker power is low (below 5%), please charge it in time. If the battery is in a deficient state for a long time, it will inevitably cause deep discharge of the battery, affecting the battery performance and life. In severe cases, the battery will not be charged or scrap. If it is not in use, please charge the battery to 60%-80%, disconnect the power supply and then store it. When it is not in use for a long time (three months), please charge it regularly to protect the battery.??
    In order to better use this machine, please read carefully and follow the above, thank you.

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    Qty per Carton 200lb
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    Carton Size 48cm * 42cm * 38cm / 18.9inch * 16.54inch * 14.96inch
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    40HQ: 808 cartons * 200 pcs = 161600 pcs