For PEUGEOT Car Keys Replacement 2 Buttons Square Car Key Case with Grooved and Holder

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  • 1. Replacement, replace the car key with the key case worn to the new key case.
    2. There are 3 buttons.
    3. Only the key housing and key blade, no internal electronics.
    4. The plastic parts are assembled without gaps and connected by dividing lines, which looks perfect.
    5. The outer casing is made of ABS material with high surface hardness, good chemical resistance, heat and corrosion resistance and high impact strength.
    6. There are no burrs on the lid, the surface is very flat and beautiful.
    7. The key blade is made of copper and heated by vacuum to make it more flexible and easy to cut.
    8. Accurate size.
    9. The key blade is not easy to rust and scratch your hand.
    10. Weight: 45g.
    11. Size: 61x30x17mm.

    1. This is not a remote control, it is just a replacement for a remote key case.
    2. There are no electronic units inside.
    3. Before purchasing, please check if your key matches this product.

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