D0036 6.3W 10-30V DC 6000K 3 inch 9 LEDs Square Offroad Truck Car Driving Light Work Light Spotlight Fog Light

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  • 1. Color temperature: 6000K
    2. Brightness: 9000-16000LM
    3. LED power: 6.3W
    4. Material: aviation aluminum alloy die-casting case, PC mirror surface, 304 stainless steel bracket
    5. Light color: white
    6. Life: 30,000 hours
    7. Voltage: 10-30V DC
    8. Working temperature: low temperature -40--high temperature 85 degrees Celsius
    9. Heat dissipation principle: aviation aluminum alloy fence type heat dissipation
    10. Waterproof rating: IP67
    11. Wide range of applications: can be used for front fog lights, driving lights; can also be used for work lights, engineering lights; can also be used for auxiliary lights, reversing lights
    12. Using aluminum substrate, good heat dissipation and stable quality
    13. Easy installation, good waterproof and shockproof function
    14. LED work lights are widely used in various vehicles. At present, they are widely used in some large vehicles, such as engineering vehicles (excavators, fellers, rollers, bulldozers, cranes, mining vehicles, agricultural machinery, ambulances, forklifts) , Special vehicles (fire engines, police vehicles, emergency vehicles, communication vehicles, military command vehicles, electric emergency vehicles, communication emergency vehicles), off-road vehicles, ATVs and other vehicle lighting and industrial or mining yards, patrols and other special or mobile environment lighting
    15. Package: 1 piece / box

    One Package Weight 0.2kgs / 0.44lb
    Qty per Carton 60lb
    Carton Weight 13.2kgs / 29.1lb
    Carton Size 39cm * 32cm * 43cm / 15.35inch * 12.6inch * 16.93inch
    Loading Container 20GP: 496 cartons * 60 pcs = 29760 pcs
    40HQ: 1153 cartons * 60 pcs = 69180 pcs