Card Shape GPS Tracker Anti-theft Car GPS Supplies Google Link Real Time Tracking Device GSM Alarm Locator For Car Person Bag(Black)

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  • 1. Real-time positioning and tracking, track replaying.
    2. Position checking through texting or on computer service platform.
    3. Position checking via WeChat public account.
    4. Distant control via Android or Apple system on the cellular phone .
    5. SOS emergency call.
    6. Alarm system by acoustic control.
    7. Alarm system by light perception.
    8. GPS+ AGPS +3LBS positioning function.
    9. Positioning accuracy: 5-10 meters.
    10.Preparation before Use:A SIM card is needed support GMS network standard(The product don't include SIM card)???and online traffic set should be ordered.Please insert the SIM card in the right direction. When the indicator light sparkles, the phone is turned on normally.

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