Car Shape Universal Car Center Console Mount Bracket Phone Holder

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  • 1. The shape of the silicone pad bracket is designed like a toy car, and the bezel bracket is designed like a brake pedal, with a cool and vivid appearance.
    2. The baffle can be adjusted by 180 degrees. The silicone pad is designed with two pairs of card slots, and the mobile phone can be placed on the horizontal or vertical screen. The choice is diverse.
    3. There is a strong suction cup made of PU material on the bottom of the silicone pad. It is placed on the center console and is stable like a mountain.
    4. Threading holes are designed on both sides of the silicone pad, you can insert the data cable to charge the mobile phone, and the charging operation is simple.
    5. When breaking up the baffle, some coins or small objects can be placed in the concave pool, which is useful for small storage.
    6. The number plate can be placed at the end of the silicone pad, which is practical and beautiful.

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