Car QC Fast Charging QI Standard Automatic Induction Wireless Charger Air Vent Bracket (Silver)

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  • 1. Car vent mounted clamping type mobile phone stand.
    2. Clamping type, not easy to fall off, stable for using.
    3. Compact size, flexible and portable.
    4. After the device is powered on 5V-9V DC power supply, the blue indicator light will be on. When the object is close to the device 5cm-20cm, the automatic induction will open the arms and put the phone into the phone bracket, the device will automatically clamp the phone. At this point, wireless charging will automatically charge the phone, charging green light( mobile phone with wireless charging function) when you remove the phone you need to touch the back of the shell at the top of the sensing point, the device automatically open double arm, then remove the phone.
    5. This device has over-voltage protection, over temperature protection, magnetic field protection, short circuit protection, if the equipment is abnormal, it will automatically stop working.
    6. Two wireless charging modes:
    Support QC wireless fast charging equipment / standard charging mode: compatible with all Qi-enabled devices.

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