B18+ Portable Wireless Bluetooth 2 in 1 Audio Receiver / Transmitter with 3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack for Car Home Use

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  • 1. Support audio equipment with audio input to realize wireless audio reception and transmission.
    2. Support automatic search and connection of bluetooth devices to realize wireless audio transmission.
    3. Built in noise elimination circuit, gorgeous stereo, sound quality is more pure.
    4. Built in enhanced signal transmission circuit to connect faster, more stable and continuous tone.
    5. Compatible double lossless audio format.
    6. Support AUX OUT.
    7. Plug automatic switch device mode, easy to operate and connection.
    8. Smart compatible, Android, IOS system mobile phones and PAD, and all bluetooth audio devices.
    9. Receiving/transmitting working current:<=40/45mA. Standby current:<8mA. Charging current:150mA.
    10. Bluetooth distance:>20m(empty area). Charging mode:Micro USB 5V/0.5A.

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