5 inch 18W 24 LED Waterproof IP67 Two Bar Modified Off-road Lights Spotlight Light Car Work Lights, DC 9-48V(White Light)

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  • Features
    1. Full aluminum housing for extra durability while doubling as heat sink.
    2. IP67 rated construction, with military breather to dissipate water vapor.
    3. Waterproof IP67: Great water resistance ability under all conditions.
    4. Super bright light Source: 24 pcs 3030LED 0.75W , 18 watts, for over 50,000 hours lifespan.
    5. Durable polycarbonate lens: Increased light emissions, scratch and abrasions resistant.
    6. Housing materials: heavy duty 6306 aviation aluminum shell, wear and thermal conductivity, extra durability while doubling as heat sink, resist harsh environments.
    7. Spot combo: 30 degree spot combo, must advanced led technology, not only light the road Light the mountain as the daytime.
    8. When combined, the spot optics provide the perfect effect of both distance and area.
    9. Wide operating voltage (10 - 48V) can apply to different types of vehicles, with an over-sized heat sink to keep the LED operating at their most efficient state.
    10. 2 installation methods, easy to fit and flexible. (could install the brackets inward or outward, 360 degree angle adjustable).
    11. Our light bars have a strong resistance to damage from impact and scratches, and can withstand high temperatures. It is also ideal for harsh environments and conditions, such as fog, rain and snow weather.
    12. Waterproof, dust-proof, quake proof, anti explosion.

    1. Pickup, wagon, UTB, cab, ATV, SUV, jeep, truck, boat, bus.
    2. Sport utility, 4WD 4X4, mining, marine, car, excavator.
    3. Tractor, UTE, van camper, road roller, bulldozer, crane.
    4. Polaris RZR XP1K RZR 1000 RZR 900.
    5. RZR off-road jeep rhino sand rail canam buggy UTV.
    6. Ford F150 F250 F350.
    7. Applications widely support, except for off road vehicle lighting, it can also be applied to material handling.
    8. Agricultural machinery lighting, marine LED lighting and emergency and rescue LED lights.
    9. Such as: off-road vehicles: UTV, sand rail, buggy, ATV, SUV, truck, train, motorbike, bus, tank etc.
    10. Engineering vehicles: excavator, road roller, bulldozer, crane, fork lift and mining truck etc.
    11. Specialized vehicles: fire engine, police car, rescue vehicle, communication vehicle, military command vehicle etc.
    12. Others: boat, fishing, courtyard lamp, yacht, road or street lamp, etc.

    One Package Weight 0.5kgs / 1.11lb
    Qty per Carton 20lb
    Carton Weight 11.04kgs / 24.34lb
    Carton Size 34cm * 37cm * 41cm / 13.39inch * 14.57inch * 16.14inch
    Loading Container 20GP: 517 cartons * 20 pcs = 10340 pcs
    40HQ: 1200 cartons * 20 pcs = 24000 pcs