2 in 1 Vehicle Back Seat Hanger Hook Mobile Phone Magnetic Holder(Black)

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  • Feature
    1. Beautiful and safe: hidden design does not occupy space, fully integrated into the original car style.
    2. Easy to install.High quality environmental protection driving safety.
    3. Raw materials are made of high-grade industrial plastic raw materials for deep processing, not flammable, not brittle.
    4. Multi-function car hook. The installation is simple and easy to operate.

    1. The design is very fit with the whole inside of the car. When it is used, it can be rotated and used. When not in use, the rotation is parallel with the headrest. It does not affect the overall space inside the car. It is safe and beautiful.
    2. One side open mouth design, no need to take a pillow, 2 seconds fast installation, convenient and quick.
    Step 1: take out the hook from the box.
    Step 2: the head rising a little, the hook at the opening of the head rod.
    Step 3: use both hands to force the hook into the headrest rod.
    Step 4: rotating hidden hook in the head under the pillow, installed, rotating when used, do not turn back when not in use.

    One Package Weight 0.08kgs / 0.19lb
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    Carton Weight 4.84kgs / 10.67lb
    Carton Size 37cm * 27cm * 24cm / 14.57inch * 10.63inch * 9.45inch
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