2 in 1 (360 Degrees Laser Full-Band Scanning Advanced Radar Detectors / Laser Defense Systems & GPS Location), Built-in Loud Speaker, Russia Language Only

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  • Speed Setting:

    At speed of 20km/h;30km/h;40km/h;50km/h;60km/h, the product will only making vocal alerting when your actual driving speed exceeds the settled speed in case there is radar signals, otherwise, it only alerts you by the blinking of the signal on the display screen, in order to avoid too much noise.

    Speeding setting:

    At speed of 20km/h;30km/h;40km/h;50km/h;60km/h;70km/h;80km/h;90km/h;100km/h;110km/h;120km/h, in the mode of speeding setting, the product will make vocal alerting when your actual driving speed exceeds the settled speed. For example, you settled speed is 110km/h, if your actual driving speed is 115, it will alert you that you are exceeding the settled speed.

    City Mode/ Highway Mode Setting:

    Alert you with the fixed data and safety information, speed limitation, gas station and the radar signals; the response speed will be 2-3 seconds later than the high way mode; Highway Mode: Alert you with the speed limitation and the radar signals, speed of response is 0.002S

    Brightness Setting:

    4 step adjusting mode; Automatic save setting

    Speed minor-adjusting setting:

    1) When the actual driving speed of the car is different from the speed shown on the display screen, you can set manually to make the shown display adjusted to the corrected one

    2) Automatic saving of all settings after turning off the detector.

    3) Compass shows direction at any time any where

    With local data:

    1) Electrical monitoring;

    2) Radar Signal;

    3) Dangerous Zone;

    4) Gas station;

    5) Red Light camera and etc.

    6) With accurate voice alerts of the situation on the road. Makes your journey safer and easier

    7) Input voltage: 12V
    One Package Weight 0.47kgs / 1.04lb
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    Carton Size 48cm * 45cm * 35cm / 18.9inch * 17.72inch * 13.78inch
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