12.5-37.5m Telescopic Pipe Expandable Magic Flexible Garden Watering Hose with Spray Gun Set (Green)

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  • 1. Made of latex with no leakage, wear resistant, can be stretched or bent.
    2. 3 times expandable design: The goods length approximately 12.5m, after filled in the water, it can be Stretched length approximately 37.5m.
    3. Water hose is leakproof, tearproof and crackproof design. Good quality expandable garden hose, rubber washer, latex core, sturdy valve, high pressure water.
    4. 7 spraying water modes, full, mist, jet, shower, flat, center, cone, choose optimal mode you need.
    5. Wide application, suitable for washing car, watering flowers / vegetables, cleaning windows / floor etc.

    One Package Weight 0.93kgs / 2.05lb
    Qty per Carton 8lb
    Carton Weight 8.5kgs / 18.74lb
    Carton Size 38cm * 38cm * 66cm / 14.96inch * 14.96inch * 25.98inch
    Loading Container 20GP: 279 cartons * 8 pcs = 2232 pcs
    40HQ: 649 cartons * 8 pcs = 5192 pcs